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Have you received Notice that your property will be taken from you via Eminent Domain or Condemnation proceedings by the Government or a private company such as Pipeline Company?

If so, contact us at 713-840-1411 or via email immediately to discuss, at no cost, your constitutionally protected landowner rights to be fully compensated. You need an experienced eminent domain lawyer to represent you in these matters as the government entities, pipeline companies, and other utility companies look out for their own best interests and not your own. The proceedings move fast, so the earlier you get an attorney involved, the better. We represent landowners on a contingency fee basis in these matters, which means, that you do not have to pay us up front for our services. If we do not increase your compensation for the property being condemned, you do not pay us anything!


If you are concerned about your property in regards to eminent domain law, condemnation, inverse condemnation, or pipeline easement, contact our Houston Eminent Domain Attorneys at 713-840-1411.

Condemnation Lawyer in Houston

What is Condemnation?

When the government or other authorized company uses eminent domain law to take a property or land from the property owners, the process for which they acquire it legally is referred to as condemnation. The process usually involves an appraisal and then an amount offered to the owners for the land. Usually, the amount offered is lower than the Just and Reasonable value of the property being taken. However, when the amount is disputed, a condemnation proceeding begins. Usually, an attorney is hired by the property or land owner whose land is being condemned. A good condemnation attorney in Texas or Houston eminent domain lawyer can help you prove to the respective authorities that a higher value than the offers made for your property being seized. Additionally, a good condemnation attorney can fight to protect the property owner’s rights and help minimize the impact on the remainder of the tract that a property owner is left with after the “taking”. At Padua Law Firm, we have a team of lawyers and real estate professionals that are excellent at substantiating these higher values.

What is Eminent Domain?

If you are a property owner, the concept of eminent domain law may arise in a number of ways. The term eminent domain refers to the right of the government or certain other authorized companies to take private property from individuals or corporations for public use. However, both the U.S. Constitution (Fifth Amendment) and the Texas Constitution (Article I, Section 17) forbid the seizure of property without just and adequate compensation. Unfortunately, the government and other authorized private companies look out for their own best interest and do not voluntarily offer to pay just and adequate compensation for land they are taking. When eminent domain law is disagreed upon, property owners are often put in a position where they need the services of an eminent domain attorney.

What is Eminent Domain Used For?

The government and some private companies (such as pipeline companies) are only allowed to use eminent domain law when the property in question is required in order to provide a legitimate public purpose. A land owner, through his or her eminent domain attorney, can question the proposed use of the property. Common sources of government use for the land include public roads, highways, parks, and schools. Common uses by authorized private companies include oil and gas pipelines and utility services.

    What Does a Condemnation Lawyer in Houston, Texas Do?

    Under Texas law, the government or authorized private entities, such as pipeline companies, must notify you that it wants to take your property, as well as provide a written appraisal from a certified appraiser detailing the compensation they believe you are owed. They will usually try to pressure you to accept their offer. If you are not satisfied with their offer, you may hire a Texas condemnation attorney to fight for a higher value for your property by filing lawsuits and/or represent you in the condemnation proceedings against you. A condemnation lawyer that represents only your interests will not only help you determine the value of your property but also will help you analyze the negative impact that the “taking” will have on the client. Such negative impact could include loss of use and enjoyment of the remaining property client owns business interruption, relocation, and other losses that you are entitled to be compensated for. The eminent domain attorney will then help you negotiate the condemning entity and represent you in any pleadings or hearings.

    What is Inverse Condemnation?

    An inverse condemnation occurs when the government uses eminent domain law to seize or damage a property before compensation has been paid or even before a lawsuit is filed. There are many ways an inverse condemnation can happen and include seizing the land, denying owners access to the land, or leasing the land and continuing to remain even after the lease expires. If your property has undergone inverse condemnation, contact an eminent domain attorneys immediately.

    What is a Pipeline Easement Attorney?

    Also called a pipeline easement lawyer, a pipeline easement attorney represents people against whom a condemnation or inverse condemnation proceeding has been initiated, or when another area of eminent domain law applies. And it isn’t just the government seizing land. They can often authorize private companies, such as utilities and pipeline companies, to take land under eminent domain law. One of the most common forms is the case of pipeline easements, where part or all of private land is used to run an oil or gas pipeline. When your land has been deemed useful for pipeline easement, a representative may contact you, make you an offer, try to confuse you, or even threaten you if you refuse to agree. This is when a pipeline easement attorney needs to be contacted to help you get a fair price for your land, review all documents, ensure its safety, or represent you in any resulting lawsuits.

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