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Property Damage

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Property Damage Lawyers in Houston

Padua Law Firm, PLLC has proudly and aggressively represented property owner clients throughout Texas with matters related to property damage. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in the aftermath of natural disasters to ensure insurance companies are providing appropriate compensation to help them recover from the property damage.

We represent clients who own residential or all types of commercial properties that have suffered the catastrophic effects of flood, fire, hurricane, windstorm, or other disastrous events. We are passionate about not allowing insurance companies to take advantage of property owners by denying, delaying, or unfairly handling their legitimate property damage claims. We provide free consultations to potential clients who need help maximizing their recovery in the aftermath of property damage.

If Your Property Insurance Claim was Underpaid or Denied or if you would like Assistance with your Property Damage Claim, Call us at (713) 840-1411 or Email Us for Your Free, Confidential Consultation.

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The lawyers at Padua Law Firm, PLLC, centrally located in the Galleria area of Houston, TX want to provide you with quality legal representation if your property suffers damage. Please contact Padua Law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation at 713-840-1411.

No Fees If You Don’t Win

In addition to offering free, confidential consultations, we handle all insurance litigation cases on a contingency-fee basis and apply our fee percentage only against money we help you obtain. We will not charge against any settlement you have already received on your claim.  In other words, our legal fee percentage is applied to any successful recovery made above and beyond any recovery that you have previously obtained.

Types of Property Damage Cases:

Padua Law Firm, PLLC  can assist clients with all types of residential and commercial property damage, including the following:

Residential/Homeowners’ Property

  • Flood, Fire, and Smoke Damage
  • Damage from Falling Trees and debris
  • Wind, Storm, and hail damage,
  • Water leaks
  • Theft Claims


Commercial Property

  • Damage to Commercial Properties, including:
    • Apartment and Condo Complexes, including HOA’s
    • Hotels
    • Office Buildings
    • Shopping Centers and all Retail Properties and Restaurants
    • Warehouse and Industrial Buildings
    • Schools, Churches, and other government and civic buildings
  • Damaged roofs and walls, interiors, flooring, and furnishings
  • Flooding damage
  • Windstorm, Hail, and Hurricane damage
  • Fires
  • Any other Property damage caused by Hurricanes or other natural disasters
  • Business Interruption
  • Inventory Losses
  • Equipment repair, re-installation, and calibration
  • Loss of rents

    Do I Even Need a Property Damage Attorney?

    In some lucky cases, you may not need an attorney to handle your claim.  However, it is very common for property insurance companies to look out for their own best interests, and not for the interests of their insured property owners.  They do this for a simple reason, more profit.  In these circumstances, it is prudent for property owners to consult with an attorney and evaluate all of their options and not just those that are offered to them by the insurance company representatives.

    Additionally, there are many complicated factors, technical requirements, and legal documents that make the processing of a property insurance claim difficult.  Solely for this reason, many prudent property and business owners choose to engage experienced attorneys to help them navigate through this complicated process.

    Furthermore, the lawyers at Padua Law Firm have a very competent and experienced network of experts that help appraise property damages such as contractors, public adjusters, and engineers.  With the help of these experts, we can more easily rebut and quash many of the insurance company’s assertions regarding your property insurance claims.   In this way, you are more likely to receive a fair amount of damages for your damaged property.

    How Does an Insurance Company Look Out For their Own Interest?

    Generally, an insurance carrier owes a financial fiduciary duty to their insureds and they are required to act in good faith in terms of response and management of the claims that are filed.  The Texas State laws have requirements that the insurance companies must comply with when handling a property owner’s claim.  However, many times, these requirements and laws are violated by insurance carriers including the following common disputes:

    • Improperly denying property damage claims (i.e. whether the cause of the damage is covered or not)
    • Improperly underpaying property damage claims by:
      • Claiming that the actual cost to repair your property damage is lower than it actually is;
      • Claiming that replacement of certain damaged items is not necessary only repair is; or
      • Claiming that the replacement cost of the entire building is lower than it actually is (in cases of a total loss)
    • Improperly delaying claims

    Our property insurance claim attorneys have the experience, relentless work ethic, and resources to ensure that you are fully compensated for all of your property damages as quickly as possible, and in certain cases, that you receive damages for the bad faith or improper handling of your claims.

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