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Flood Damage Attorneys in Houston, Texas

Padua Law Firm, PLLC zealously represents clients throughout Texas whose property has been devastated or destroyed by flood damage. Our attorneys are experienced in triumphing over insurance companies to ensure clients receive the full cost of restoring and fixing the water damage or loss of property caused by flooding.

Flooding is the most common natural hazard in the United States, affecting more than 20,000 local jurisdictions and representing more than 70 percent of Presidential disaster declarations. And in Texas, due to the proximity to the Gulf Coast, Hurricanes, the high humidity and precipitation levels, and the many low-lying areas, it is even more common.  Given its prevalence, it’s important to know when you need a lawyer experienced in flood and other types of water damage on your side.

If Your Flood Damage Claim was Underpaid or Denied by your Flood Insurance Company or if you would like Assistance with your Flood Damage Claim, Call us at (713) 840-1411 or Email Us for Your Free, Confidential Consultation.

Flooding can stem from heavy rains, overflowing rivers, thawing snow, flash flooding and hurricane storms surges. Typically, in order to qualify as a “flood” and therefore to be covered under a flood insurance policy, there must be “a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more areas of normally dry land area or of two or more properties (at least one of which is your property) from an overflow of inland or tidal waters; unusual and rapid accumulation or run-off of surface waters from any source; mud flow.” In other words, a flood is an excess of rising water or mud on land that is ordinarily dry.

The resulting damage from a flood event, such as record-breaking natural disaster Hurricane Harvey, can include all types of complex issues, which will require in depth legal analysis in order to evidence the damages and support the claim.

We represent owners of residential or all types of commercial and business properties that have suffered flood damage and are unhappy with or would like to preempt the unfair handling, denial or delay by insurance companies of their legitimate flood damage claims. We provide free consultations to potential clients who need help maximizing their recovery in the aftermath of flood and water damage.

Contingency Fee Representation Means You Don’t Pay Unless You Win

In addition to offering free, confidential consultations, we handle most flood insurance litigation cases on a contingency-fee basis and apply our fee percentage only against money we help you obtain. We will not charge against any settlement you have already received on your claim.  In other words, our legal fee percentage is applied to any successful recovery made above and beyond any recovery that you have previously obtained.

If you have suffered major property damage due to flooding, here are a few beneficial steps to help your flood insurance claims:

  • In any life-threatening situation, first call 911
  • Thoroughly Document the Damage
  • Takes Steps to Avoid any Further Damage to Your Property or Belongings
  • Send a Notice and open a Claim with Your Insurance Company(ies)
  • Consult with a Flood or Water Damage Attorney

Advice For Those Who Suffered Property Damage by Hurricane Harvey Flooding

What If I Don’t Have Flood Insurance and My Property was Flooded?

Unfortunately, this situation is extremely common since Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and a large part of the Southeast Texas Coastal areas.  It is estimated that between 80% – 83% of properties that were flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey did not have flood insurance.  That means that only approximately 20% of flooded property owners had the proper flood insurance.

If your commercial property or your home has been flooded, and you have confirmed that you do not have flood insurance, you need to consult with an attorney as soon as possible in order to evaluate whether or not there are other legal avenues that you can take to obtain compensation for your damage.  One legal avenue that could be available, depending on where your home was located, and other factors, is filing an inverse condemnation lawsuit against the appropriate governmental agencies. To find out more about this option, click here.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Lawyers for A Flood Insurance Claim?

Water damage attorneys provide a wide variety of important benefits in these situations.  To read more about why attorneys are beneficial when your property has been damaged by flooding (or other natural disasters) in navigating the property damage claims process and protecting your interests vis a vis insurance companies click here.

Contact Our Flood Damage Lawyers for Help

The lawyers at Padua Law Firm, PLLC, centrally located in the Galleria area of Houston, TX want to provide you with quality legal representation if your property suffers damage. Please contact our firm today to schedule a free initial consultation at 713-840-1411.

Client Testimonials

"It’s not often that I am compelled to write a review, but my family’s experience with Padua was life-changing and life-affirming to say the least."

Toni F.

"I’m a CPA and Sara Padua was first introduced to me by one of my clients. I was impressed with her work on that client, and have since referred other work to her and been very impressed. She takes her client’s interests to heart, and works diligently on their behalf. Class act representation."

Eric Smith

"Thank you so much for all the care & support you and Mr. Ramos have shown. You’ve given me medical support when i thought no body else could care. You guys have totally changed my outlook on life. You, Mr. Ramos and your team are truly God sent."

R. Webb & Family

"Padua Law Firm provided excellent legal guidance in navigating through a complicated commercial real estate transaction. Their team’s deep knowledge of the real estate industry was very practical and beneficial for me as we carefully went over all aspects of the deal which had an impact on me such as lender, title, strategy, liability, and basic tax matters (which he referred me to a CPA for more complex tax issues)."

Ricardo Gomez

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